How to Package your Device

If you're using our free packaging and pre-paid label.

Please note, these are instructions for if you have clicked the ‘free postage and packaging’ option. If you are providing your own postage and packing, follow these instructions instead.

This guide will also help you if you have clicked the quicker ‘provide your own Postage and Packaging’ option. The only difference is you will get your special delivery label and tracker at the post office when you pay for it, and you will need to add our address to the front of the parcel, which will be provided on your confirmation email.


Check your Packaging

Please open your package and ensure you have 2x jiffy bags and the waterproof mailing bag, this will have your prepaid special delivery return label attached. You should take this opportunity to write your address in the marked area at the bottom of the waterproof postage bag.


Packing the Device

Insert the Device inside the first jiffy bag and wrap the rest of the jiffy bag around the device, then peel the end sticker to seal the jiffy bag.


Double Bag for Extra Protection

Place the first jiffy bag inside the second jiffy bag and peel the end sticker to seal the second jiffy bag.


Print your Request Confirmation

Print out a copy of your request confirmation email and ensure the request number is visible, or write your request number on a blank piece of paper (ensure it is legible). This will be packed into your waterproof posting bag.


Make it Waterproof

Pack the double wrapped jiffy bags and the print out of your order confirmation, or the piece of paper with your request number on it, into the unused A4 waterproof posting bag. The bag will already have the pre-paid delivery label stuck to it. If you have not done so already, write your address (i.e. sending address) on the marked area at the bottom of the postage bag.


Post It!

Take the parcel to your local Royal Mail Post Office for posting (Do not post through a Post Box). To find your nearest Post Office, please see the branch finder on the Post Office website.